LEGO Ideas: Modular Ice Cream Parlor

Supervette modular build, inclusief licht en beweging.

This modular features motorized Duplo Ice Cream advert at the top of the Ice Cream Parlor, which is highly detailed with seating available inside and outside as well. It has different kinds of ice cream available and lemonade is sold there too. Right on the left of it is the owner’s apartment with a staircase, storage room for bicycle and actual apartment on the first floor. There are lights provided for Ice Cream Parlor, the apartment and the entrance of the staircase.







Check out the full project at and show your support if you like it.


One thought on “LEGO Ideas: Modular Ice Cream Parlor

  1. Thank you for blogging this here 🙂 I really appreciate being selected for this!
    I guess this build won’t see the light as an official set – too little votes as of today, but hey, it was worth a try 😉

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